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Namaste ,


I am Ambarish from India . A wanderer by heart , engineer by mind . I started riding motorcycles when I was 19 years young and that was the best decision I ever took in my life , which gave me a proper sense of direction in my life and motorcycles are the reason I am what I am right now . Long distance touring on my motorbike gave me a exceptional understanding of so many aspects of life , made me believe that anything is possible , all you need is the determination and perseverance to chase your dreams no matter how impossible or difficult they seem right now . Apart from motorcycles , I am also crazy about all modes of transports , photography , art , violin and wildlife . I am just like everyone else out there , an ordinary person with so many extraordinary dreams .


July 3 , 2014 . The day I met with an accident and walked out of it alive , twisting my right leg in the process made me understand how short our lives are , there is no point in working just for the sake of money and to do what we love till we are alive , live every moment of our lives . Once I started walking with a walking stick , I decided to leave my house with a huge backpack , randomly roaming around India , experience the hospitality of people from all aspects of life , learning new skills , getting fit and meeting amazing people from around the world who gave me so much motivation to get me back to the normal life , I had so many unforgettable moments which I will be sharing with every wonderful soul out there .

Right now I moved to Bangalore , taking a huge leap of faith and starting my own adventure company which is going to offer so many exciting adventures in a very affordable way . If you are interested to know more about it , you can check the website in this link : www.jimpify.com

If you want to follow me in Facebook , Instagram , Pinterest or Twitter I have the links on the sidebar of my page and if you want to get in touch with me directly via email : 21ambarish@gmail.com .

I am going to write this blog right from what is going on right now and take it backwards as much as possible and will be back to the future again . I got this idea from the movie memento 😀 Well , let’s see how it goes for me , I am not sure if I can execute it perfectly the way I vision it in my head .

Dream Large . Live Larger .



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